Critical Thinking; the most important thing in life

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Soli Deo Gloria 



Since many companies have reduced a number of employees and have fired employees a lot because of the economic crisis. In these circumstances, there are many university students who are trying to improve abilities which are said "Spec", new term in Korea like TOEIC, language training, certificate of blood donation, volunteer activity to enter the better company. That skill they got is only used for entering company, I think. They want to enter the good company and earn a lot of money. They are not concerned about real life things like; "how should I live?", "what is right?", "what is wrong?" They don’t ask question about real life thing anymore like this. But the most serious problem is that they couldn’t think critically. Then, how can they improve thinking power? The answer is to read a book. 






 A book is a complete product that includes the author's thoughts and beliefs. By reading a book, we can meet an author indirectly. We also can experience different thoughts between us and the author. Due to different thoughts, we will try to understand why the author thinks and writes what he wrote. We will try to get an answer; the answer will be your own thought. But if you read the same kinds of books, which insist their opinion is correct to the exclusion of opposing opinions, you could get a one-sided or a partial understanding of the thoughts.


 To avoid these things, you must read the book which describes the opposite opinions, you will get a balanced viewpoint. It is also good to read a variety of books on society, science, art, and other topics. There is a lot of new and interesting information that we don't know. By knowing these things, we can broaden our knowledge


 If we read just one book, it is difficult to understand both sides of the issue. But I am sure that if you keep reading a book and organize your thoughts; someday you will have your own value that makes you stand firm in wisdom which distinguish between wrong and right. A person who always tries to think sensibly about the problem that he is facing, wherever he is, will live a better life.      



Soli Deo Gloria 





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