I and you were thinking differently

2020. 4. 5. 16:09 책과 글, 그리고 시/영작(英作)



 I used to feel nervous when I meet a new person. At that day, I had been feeling nervous since morning. I prepared to go out for a blind meeting. I went out 1 hour before an appointment, and I arrrived at the restaurnat where we met 30 minutes before the appointment. I would rather arrive early for the appointment than on time. 


 I was sitting idly with a little nervous. After 20 minutes, a woman who took a mask was walking into the restaurant. I thought that the woman was the very one I waited for. She gave me a simple image at first. As time went, I has got that she had a big smile. We could talk about interesting subjects that we were familiar with. 





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