Toyota recall crisis

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Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 885,000 vehicles worldwide over electrical problems that could prevent airbags from deploying in a crash, the latest in a series of major safety-related actions for the carmaker

Oct. 17, 2013 ,NBC NEWS -

This is not the first time Toyota recall defective cars. I think, Toyota seems not to learn lesson form the mistakes. 

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In February 2010, there were a lot of recalls about Toyota's car in the United States because of gas pedal defects. The situation was unprecedented in modern times.

Recall is the system by which the product already sold is defective, and the company of the product replaces it with a new one or they should check it thoroughly free of charge. Recall is usually divided into compulsory and spontaneous. At that time, Toyota announced that they would recall spontaneously all of the defective cars, but actually Media force in the United Stated had forced them to recall. Recall is a signal that they admit the defect. Then, the reason why the situation happened is mainly because of two problems


The first thing is Toyota’s difference to raising the question about the gas pedal defect to customers. 3 years ago, and they said "There is no defect". Toyota had been known for high quality cars and security, and they were proud of them. Some people died because of the groundless confidence After that accident, situation got worse and worse and led to a lack of confidence.

The second thing is Toyota used the specific components for all of the Toyota' cars. Initially, Toyota had used separate components depending on the model. Since they launched a branch In the US, there had been considerable rise in demand. To meet the demands, they had to produce in large quantities. And they decided to use the same component for all models and expected cost-benefits by using them. Media consider this a cause for the situation, Toyota said "Almost all of the components that caused error were made by subcontractors in the US. The subcontractors didn't admit the problem. Even though they made the component poorly, Toyota must have done the final inspection of all parts. I think that is Toyota's fault.


Toyota is an icon in Japan. Toyota is the best selling company in the world. Due to this kind of situation, their reputation has fallen fast and their income has dropped considerably. In November 2010, the media reported Toyota announced that they would recall spontaneously IQ models in Europe and Japan due to a handle defect. As Toyota’s nightmare keeps going on, I wonder when the situation will reverse.


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