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2013. 4. 6. 22:09 책과 글, 그리고 시/영작(英作)






 A month ago, a student from Taiwan came our lab to do experiment for last semester of master course. When I met him, I felt he was so shy. And also It takes me a while to warm up stangers. I talked to him with few words for about 2 weeks. Since I had a supper with him several times, I have gotten along with him well. As time goes by, it was time for him to leave.


 The day before he leave, he asked "why is your nose crooked?" I was suprised that he noticed my broken nose. That's why nobody in my lab realized that at all !!




Let me tell you my sad story.



When I was high school student, I went toilet during break time. I met the guy whom I didn’t get along with well since first year. I argued with such petty matters. He spoke to me loudly with his anger, which irritated me. I had my right hand clutched into a fist. And then I shook my fist to that guy. after first punch, I didn’t exactly know what happen. oh no... Anyway, at that time, even my nose bone was broken. 



 I think he has a special talent for Picking things up quickly. 



 Hope he come back. 









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